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Age limitations: 16+
Online audio quest “Mind games”
Most people in our world do not value life at all. You Wake up in the morning, but you take the new day for granted — without realizing the value of this gift. You drink a glass of water mechanically, not enjoying the taste of each SIP. Don’t worry. In just an hour, everything will change. The choice is made, and now he wants to play a game with you…

This strange maniac is indifferent to suffering and death. The torture mechanisms and terrible trials that he invented are just a tool that teaches people to truly love life. To overcome fears, or even to bring someone from the companions in misfortune to the victim for their own salvation? The choice is yours — the game has already started.

This quest takes place in an online audio quest format. You will have to unravel a complex plot and take turns going through different game rooms with real sound and actors. All events are voiced by a professional announcer. Put on your headphones and immerse yourself in a unique gaming universe!

To participate, you will need headphones and a microphone — a link to the room in Zoom will be sent to your email after your reservation is confirmed by the operator.

The minimum number of participants is 2 players. You can play together or assemble a full team. This way the adventure will become even more interesting!

Discounts and promotions are not applied.

Please note: game schedule shows Western European Time.

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